Gratitude and Self-Love

I have the privilege of working with a group of awesome Ladies for a wonderful global company that allows us to work from home. We have a global online meeting bi-weekly and once a month one of us get a 10 minute slot to share something with the Group. It could be anything from a work related topic, to a game, quiz or Inspirational topic. March was my month, and after having a good 4 or  5 months to come up an awesome topic I decided to go with something that have been trying to do but still need to get a handle on myself. Being Thankful and looking after Myself – “Gratitude and Self-Love”.

Even though my ‘little-ly’ (my 18 year old son – lol, yes, I still think of him as my baby) doesn’t live with us anymore I can very much relate to the other Ladies in my Group at work – who are also stay-at-home working Mom’s and Wives. Even though you are technically at home, you still have to work a full day, along with all the joy’s of being at home all day too. You know what I mean- laundry, dishes, meetings, toy / clothes gatherer, cleaning, work deadlines, fight mediation, being a walking encyclodedia, keeper of the lost and found….. And we wonder how we are ever going to get everything done in a day….

Our lives are extremely rushed, filled to the brim with work and family commitments that we sometimes feel like we are robot’s moving from one day to the next. And we get to the end of the week and cannot remember what we did at the beginning of the week.

We need to STOP, BREATHE and take in the Wonder of the World around you.  All the things that pass us by on our busy days….Be present in our day, with ourselves, with our families. We need to take the time to be consciously aware of what we have in our lives, even the most minutest thing, and we need to be thankful for what it brings to our lives.

Studies have shown that being Grateful can:

-Lessens anxiety,

-Decreases depression,

-Creates Self – acceptance,

-Gives you more energy,

-Lets you sleep better,

-Lets you live longer,

-Lets you breathe easier,

-Creates greater Happiness,

-Helps make better decisions,

-Strengthens your relationships,

-Boosts your career.

So I challenge you to find time either in the morning before your day gets started (yes, you may have to get up a little earlier) or in the evening when things start winding down (when the kids are in bed and hubby is watching sport) to commit to paper those things that you are grateful for in that day.

I challenge you to start a Gratitude Journal for 30 days.

  • Using the prompts below will give you a good start. I found this wonderful printable on ‘GoodThingsRealized‘ Blog site and they are so thought provoking and speak to even the smallest things that can pass us by.
  • Try and add one additional thing that you are thankful for that is personal to you each day.
Image Courtesy of Shastalilly @ goodthingsrealized

On that list of things to be Thankful for is YOU!

We often forget that WE are the most important person in OUR lives, and we forget to take care of OURSELVES. Life is hectic, YOU need to be YOUR best and happiest, to give YOUR most to everyone around you. Look after yourself first, then look after others.Take the time to look after YOU!! I DARE you to try and do at least one of the things on the following list, at least once a week!! This printable is courtesy of Paula @ thirteenthoughts and some of these ideas are just so cute!! – When last did you jump on a bed, any bed!!!

Image courtesy of Paula @ thirteenthoughts

So all you Lovelies, these are my tips for practicing gratitude and self-love, so go and buy yourself a Beautiful Journal and a cute pen with glittery ink and give it a try!!

Happy Journaling!


Pencil Sketch of Buddha - 2016

A Short Introduction – a little about me

Firstly let’s start with a short introduction about me….. let’s see….. mother, life partner, lover, teacher, dancer, choreographer, artist, costume designer and creator, fitness fanatic, plant-eater. If I can think of any other’s I’ll add them later…lol

I’m a 40-something-year-old woman, who still thinks she’s 30-ish, who’s been through 15 years of tough times, of self-doubt and a little bit of self-loathing thrown in, who’s finally learned to like….let me re-phrase that….. love herself and the skin she’s in. It took damn near forever in my opinion, but finding a wonderful man who helped me grow, loved me for who I am and not who he wanted me to be, loves my passion for dance and pushes me to be a better person every day, who balances me, who hugs and kisses and dishes out compliments all day, helped immensely. I also realized that I’m not getting any younger and I’ve still got a whole lot of life to live.

See how the cookie crumbles

I stumbled across a YouTube video called ‘6 min for the next 60 years of your life – a rant‘ by a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk, that spoke volumes to the state of mind I have been in for a while now. That feeling you get when life is kinda running away from you, you keep looking back and thinking…if only. Well I decided after hearing his ‘rant’ that my best years are still to come. I have years of life experience and a current mindset that put me in a unique position to be able to try my hand at literally anything and see how the proverbial cookie crumbles with little of no self-doubt.

So I’ve decided to start doing things that I love, if something doesn’t click with me then I will not be doing it… I’ve started sketching and painting again. I have gotten over my insecurities enough to post a video of a Tribal Fusion solo performance I did last year and I will follow up with others

Pencil Sketch of Buddha - 2016
Pencil Sketch of Buddha – April 2016

Hey! I just figure we only live once and if we can brighten someone’s day (even my own) then why the hell not.

So this blog will be a journey of self-discovery, showing my art, my dance (including my lovely ladies that I teach Belly dance too), images that speak to me, costumes that I create for the above-mentioned dance, and anything else that makes me happy.

As cliched as it sounds I’ve always wanted to try this blogging thing. I love writing (could never sit still long enough to do the book writing thing though…..okay, never thought I was good enough – the story of my life), love sharing beautiful things, and recently built up enough courage to take some of my creations into the wide world.

So come along for the ride…..I can’t tell you where it will lead or how it will end, all I know is that I am pleased that it has started.

Have a blessed day!